Income Tax

Whether you just need a federal return prepared or you have complex tax needs such as combined returns and NOL/AMT credit utilization, we are ready to assist you. Finding deductions and credits are what we strive to do. When it comes to state and local income tax, that is our specialty. We can assist your company with planning for multi-state income and minimizing your tax burden.


Sales Tax

If you need assistance with calculating and filing your sales tax returns, we offer very affordable options. This includes multi-state sales tax return filing and calculation, use tax calculation and more. We can help you with intrastate and interstate sales tax calculation as well as sales tax registration.


We also recommend visiting our partner Physcal Sales Tax for help with complex sales tax calculations.


Nexus is the connection between the taxing jurisdiction and what it wants to tax. Sales tax and income tax have different and unique triggers that can cause nexus. We understand nexus issues. In fact, our Principal helped draft an amicus brief that was submitted before the Supreme Court of the United States in the case South Dakota vs. Wayfair where the Supreme Court first overturned its previous decision in Quill and permitted economic nexus.

Tax Planning

Tax minimization is our number one goal. Helping clients find areas where they can minimize their federal and state taxes by finding deductions, credits, and opportunities to legally avoid taxes, penalties, and interest are our founding principles.


We also know some of the common "schemes" and pitfalls that the IRS and state agencies target for audits and can advise clients when some of these actions may be appropriate and when they may be inappropriate

Tax Audits/Notices

When it comes to tax notices, your company needs someone with an experience hand to assist you in making the right decisions. Many times a tax audit is a simple matter that when handled early, can be resolved quickly and relatively painlessly. Whether you have an issue with the IRS or audits in multiple states, we can help you resolve your outstanding audits.


If you want help rectifying past tax liabilities, we can help with that as well. We have experience helping clients with amnesty and disclosure programs that have saved clients thousands of dollars in penalties.

Excise Taxes

Whether you need help with alcohol, marijuana, or communications taxes, we help clients with all excise taxes. We develop cost-savings programs and strategies to help clients reduce their excise tax burden.